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Granales Mineração e Industria is located in northwestern Espirito Santo. It is one of the biggest granite excavation regions, with variety of colors (yellow, green, white and more).

Learn more about the importance of quarries in Barra de São Francisco.

The county of Barra de São Francisco won the title of "Capital of Granite in the state of Espirito Santo."

The Governor of Espirito Santo, Renato Casagrande approved the law no. 9928, published in Official State Gazette on Monday - August 19th, 2013.
The law grants the title of  " State Granite Capital " to the town of Barra de São Francisco.

Located in the northwestern region of the state, the city is nationaly known as "The Great Granite Supplier." The county has the largest quarries in Brazil, with exploitation lifespan estimated for more than two thousand years.

On May 2012, the city of Cachoeiro in Itapemirim, received the title of State Marble Capital. The award was granted by the Legislature, by state law No. 9778. Above is the recognition of the pioneers in marble excavation; statewide and within industry, which goes through significant changes and contributes to the development of Brazil.

Tourist Route:

The “International Marble and Granite Fair” demonstrates the potential of regional ornamental stones, which attracts large Brazilian and international business. The event wich is a great success, is the reason for the creation of the Marble and Granite Route, driven by the buyers from stone and professional segment. This is the first route in Brazil, with the main focus on business.

Cachoeiro de Itapemirim, Nova Venécia, and Vitoria have great evidence in the route, which also includes: Barra de São Francisco, Ecoporanga, Água Doce do Norte, Pancas, Baixo Guandu, Vila Pavão, Muqui, Rio Bananal, São Domingos do Norte, Águia Branca, Alegre, Atílio Vivácqua, Castelo, Conceição do Castelo, Linhares, Mimoso do Sul, Serra and Viana.

The state of Espirito Santo, in Brazil, is leader in production, processing, and exportation of ornamental stones. Being responsible for almost half of the production and exportation, and represents more than half of the Brazilian stone industry.


The size of the reserves and the importance of business leveraged by this segment, includes in it´s route, twenty one counties of Marble and Granite. Cachoeiro de Itapemirim, located in the South of  Espirito Santo, has the main evidence in this field . North of  Espirito Santo, the extraction and processing of marble and granite was the reason for the development of the counties, providing thousands of job opportunities. The region is known as Core Extraction of Nova Venecia and a reference in the industry.

Majority of the industries providing ornamental stone is located in the southern part of the state. Simultaneously, Vitória, the state capital,  registers growth in the number of companies processing marble and granite, and being responsible for the supply of products with higher value.

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