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Easy shopping BNDES Credit Card

The BNDES Card is based on the credit card concept. It is aimed at financing for micro, small and medium sized enterprises (MSMEs).
The enterprises can obtain the BNDES Card MSMEs (with gross annual revenues of up to R$ 90 million) provided that they are: based in Brazil under national control, engaged in economic activity compatible with the Operating Policies and BNDES Credit, and are not in debit with the INSS, FGTS, RAIS and federal taxes.

The BNDES Card holders can realise their purchase, exclusively within the BNDES Portal (, looking for the products they are interested at Product Catalogue and following the steps.

Bradesco, Banco do Brasil, Caixa Econômica Federal, Banrisul, Itaú, Sicoob and BRDE are the financial institutions that can issue the BNDES Card with Cabal, Elo, Mastercard and Visa logos. Financial terms:

  • Credit limit of up to R$ 1 million per card. *
  • Term installment from 3 to 48 months. **
  • Fixed interest rate (more information on the BNDES Portal). 

* Note 1
The credit limit for the individual customer is decided by the bank, it is based on credit analysis. A company can obtain a card at the issuing bank BNDES. It is possible to add the credit for up to 7 cards within a single transaction.

** Note 2
The BNDES Card issued by Caixa Economica Federal / Mastercard permits dividing the cost of the transaction in: 3, 6, 12, 18, 24, 30, 36, 42 or 48 installments.

How to apply for the BNDES Card?
Access the BNDES Portal (

  1. click on "Request your BNDES Card",
  2. enter CNPJ number, inform the type of control, and Fiscal NCEA,
  3. select the issuing bank,
  4. complete the Proposal Request BNDES Card,
  5. submit the documentation required by the issuing bank (see questions 6.1.3 , 6.1.4 and 6.1.5).

Which banks can issue the BNDES Card?
Currently the BNDES Card is issued by: Bradesco, Banco do Brasil, Caixa Economica Federal, Banrisul, Itaú, Sicoob and BRDE.
For a simple and summarized information about the BNDES Card, access the tutorial by clicking here.