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Sede da Granales

Being in the Brazilian granite market since 2005, Granales Mineração e Industria, has become a national and international reference. This credibility is the result of dedication and quality provided services. With modern technologies, Granales also manufactures and sells, blocks, slabs and floor tiles in various sizes. Its monthly production reaches 16,000.00 m2 of granite products.

Currently Granales is a part of Marmogran, in Maceio – AL, and also the Granales Group, showing high quality performance and being highly recognized for its good attendance, punctuality and competitive prices. Granales seeks to provide cutting edge services, based on market research. This is why Granales hires skilled and dedicated professionals, and has an attentive Mission, Vision, and Quality Policy.

Generate better business opportunities for our customers, provide quality of life for our employees - and of course our goal is to overcome all challenges.

Expand the company, by continuously searching for solutions to satisfy the needs of the future market.

Quality Policy:
Ensure continuous improvement of products and services, preserving the three principles that are part of our history since the founding day: honesty, truth, and information ethics.